The Ghost Shield: The Best Clear Mask in 2020

We tried them all, and tested them all. Wearing a clear face mask is a great solution to get us closer to normal. So we can all once again see each others faces and communicate again. That being said, here are the masks we tested.


The Ghost Shield is a clear and transparent respiratory shield. It sticks to the top of your nose with a medical grade adhesive. In an article by NBC, they said

“The ViruShield GHOST is an amazing, transparent face shield that fits on the nose comfortably. Lightweight and reusable, the face shield allows a clear view of the wearer’s face. The security aspects of the face shield have been lab-tested and found better than conventional masks. The shield can be adjusted on the nose bridge for comfort and close fit with a reusable adhesive and is easy to clean and disinfect with a spray, unlike fabric-based masks. “

We found it to be:

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Easy to Breathe and talk
  • Used around 30 times total
  • Compliments everywhere we went

    Doctors Support it too: It helps that Medical Professionals are backing it up and exposing the downsides of wearing cloth masks.

A great thing about the company, Virushields is that they hire 100% Americans throughout the company and they even make them in the USA. Big bonus points for that one

They have a video on Youtube of people trying it here:

Putting on the Ghost Shield is easy too!

Kathy Ireland did a segment on The Ghost too.

Cost: $6-8 Each depending on volume


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