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Kevin Bingham from 1Dream Records runs Rental Scam in Scottsdale

Airbnb Scam - Kevin from 1Dream Records

Kevin From 1Dream Records has been scamming Scottsdale travelers with a dirty scam. Here’s how he did it. Kevin claimed he owned a $3.3. Million Dollar Penthouse, he used professional photos he found online and posted the home to Airbnb for 10-20X LESS than what it actually would rent for. Roughly $50 a night for a $500-2000 a night place. Then here’s the kicker…he asks for a $450 Deposit before the person can check in. He collects it on Cash App, Venmo, Paypal etc. and then disappears.

So far 5 different people have informed us Kevin scammed them. This 25 year old who claims to run a non-profit is actually out there scamming innocent people. If you have been scammed, please contact us or leave a comment as this is a developing story and Police and Investigators are now pursuing damages and criminal charges against Kevin.

See his post here:

Looks like the dates are blocked off currently. We are not sure if Airbnb did this or Kevin did.

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