JMG; The Brokerage providing Realtors with Referrals, Leads & Tech

JMG;  The Brokerage providing Realtors with Referrals, Leads & Tech

Being a Real Estate Agent going into 2023 is not easy. Buyers aren’t lining up with pre-approvals at 3% rates and home sellers aren’t seeing the same values they did a year ago. Most real estate agents are struggling, reports show that 96% of real estate agents have done 3 or less transactions in 2022. When real estate is a commission-based career, this means many realtors aren’t earning enough to put food on the table. With over 3 Million individuals holding a real estate license and 6 Million homes a year being sold on average, this means 2 homes are sold per 1 license.

The industry is set up for real estate agents to perform the same way a start-up or traditional entrepreneur would. Meaning, agents have to manage their business in full from marketing to technology, accounting, and in a fast-evolving world that revolves around tech, it’s hard to keep up. No pay check is guaranteed and finding clients when competing against Zillow and mega-marketing agents is tough.

Enter JMG aka The Jason Mitchell Group, a Real Estate Team and Brokerage that is currently #1 by many metrics. By August of 2022 they had already sold over $3 Billion in Real Estate and they did this with under 500 Agents. They are in over 30 States, covering every major market in the US and they have a unique model that provides Realtors with financial security and a tool belt of every resource they’ll need to be successful.

Most brokerages just give agents a place to hang their license and process transactions. The broker will take his cut – in most cases it’s 20-30% and they’re not giving the agent any clients, CRM or a personal website that syncs the MLS. 

JMG provides each agent with tons of tech, from a full-marketing team, a cloud based marketing suite, a full CRM with IDX, coaching from leaders like Tom Ferry and the best part, each Agent can expect around a dozen ready to meet clients each month live connected via JMG’s ‘Mission Control’ associates. The average JMG Agent will 400X their self gen business and add an additional 30 transactions to their yearly book of business. This is thanks to JMG.

How does JMG do this? They have aligned and partnered with over 30 industry leaders like Zillow, Realtor, Rocket Mortgage, Veteran’s United and more to receive tens of thousands of client referrals each month. JMG’s in-house team then procures these leads and referrals by scrubbing and vetting them to pull out the highest quality clients and hand them over to the agents on a warm introduction call handoff. This means JMG agents can sit back and wait for the phone to ring, because at JMG – it rings quite often.

Now I’ve gone over every major Brokerage’s offer and compared them, hands down Jason Mitchell Group has the best offer. There is not one agent earning less than six figures I looked into and most of them are doing 300, 400 to $500k in take home Commissions. 

If you want to learn more about joining JMG visit or check out this video below

  • Written by Darren Johnson (Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur)

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