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Best La Jolla Realtor – What Agent is the Best?

The Best Agent in San Diego – Top 5 Real Estate Agent List

It’s a tough question — who is the best Agent in La Jolla. Well, when we factor in what makes a great Agent we use our personal grading system. It encompasses the traits, track record and knowledge that is required to earn such a tile. Here they are:

What Makes an Agent the BEST in La Jolla

  • Knowledge of the market: Specifically high-end properties and how they are marketed and who buys them and how to reach that buyer. You can get a Million Dollar Listing, but can you sell it? Which leads into trait number two
  • Recent Transactions: Every Agent will say they are the best. But, the proof is in the pudding. Who is selling homes at the actual La Jolla Price Point. We have UTC. Downtown La Jolla, Mt. Soledad, etc. Who is putting up sales in La Jolla
  • Marketing Genius: Does this Agent have an online presence in La Jolla. Not only Google, but on Facebook and Instagram. Kudos if they do TikTok.comSnapChat and YouTube, because most La Jolla buyers do not come from La Jolla
  • Closing Rate and Timing: has a ton of stats on each Agent. Zillow will showcase the data in an easy to read fashion that will help you see who is good and who is not. Meaning, who can list a property and sell it fast.
  • Experience in Years: this can be Good or Bad. If the Agent meets all of the above, the longer the better. But really, this one is only important after 5-10 years in La Jolla. Just ask Million Dollar Listing Agents.

So Who is the Best Realtor in La Jolla

Here is our list, in no particular order. We will give reasons and a Bio for each Agent. Let’s begin…

Gregg Whitney

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The Founder and Broker of Billionaire Row is a solid pick anytime. Gregg Whitney has nearly 35 Years experience, has an office on the Ocean in La Jolla and sells over 60 Homes a Year. He know La Jolla Real Estate.

Seth O’Byrne

Seth O Byrnenow-trending

He’s damn near famous now because he knows Media. He took Video and Marketing and made it his tool to launch his success. When you list a home with Seth, expect to have a mini episode of MTV Cribs where your property is blasted out to the masses.

Greg Noonan


Greg has a big team and is all over Yelp. His reviews are good. He’s basically cornered the online market of search and has big team. We can’t say he is great, but he sure markets to find clients in a good way, and they seem to be happy based on his Realtor Profile that boasts over 100 listings.

Pete Middleton

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Mr PeteKnowsPB and PeteKnowsLaJolla obviously made the list. Pete has been the Billboard KING of the Coast for years. He has funny ads too. But, it’s no joke – Pete knows how to Sell La Jolla Real Estate. His Zillow profile boasts sales nearing 100 a year with him and his team

Ryan Mathys


Ryan Mathys is a La Jolla Real Estate expert and does nearly as many sales as the above Agents as a 2 Man Team. This only concludes one time: Ryan knows the La Jolla Housing market and knows how to get a home sale completed. Making him our personal favorite. Did we mention he runs

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