‘It’s the loneliest walk:’ She escorts patients into one of Nebraska’s only abortion clinics

An abortion clinic escort in Nebraska looks out for bombs to keep patients entering the building safe. See how she’s using TikTok to confront the pro-life protesters surrounding the clinic.

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  1. I just saw your video on CNN. Your are amazing for doing what you do. I do not tolerate people the way you do and the way you do it is admirable! I wouldn’t be that nice to protesters, but I’m really glad that those ladies have you all at their sides! I don’t really support 3rd trimester abortions unless necessary because of severe defects or possible harm to the mother (I’m not familiar with process or reasoning), but I would never judge someone for making the best decision they can for themselves at the time. I’m not really religious either but I do believe “to each their own”. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the mothers as I’m a mother myself. It’s good to know that if my daughter ever finds herself in the position of needing one, for whatever reason and I hope for her sake she doesn’t, I’ll be glad to know she has direct and extended support. I’m so sorry that mothers and staff have to deal with assholes who have no lives of their own!

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