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Facial freedom is here with the launch of the Ghost Shield, a clear and transparent face shield that is attached easily to the nose bridge, looks cool, and keeps the wearer relaxed, happy, and protected at the same time. The Ghost Shield is proudly made in the US and helps the country’s economy.

Face masks are a necessity, but they need not be clumsy, unbreathable or simply too heavy. Face masks hide a major portion of the face, making communication challenging at work or in public places. For workers, face masks can be uneasy, and for those wearing glasses, the constant fogginess can be irritating. The clear and transparent Ghost Shield is intended to address all of these challenges.

The ViruShield GHOST is an amazing, transparent face shield that fits on the nose comfortably. Lightweight and reusable, the face shield allows a clear view of the wearer’s face. The security aspects of the face shield have been lab-tested and found better than conventional masks. The shield can be adjusted on the nose bridge for comfort and close fit with a reusable adhesive and is easy to clean and disinfect with a spray, unlike fabric-based masks. 

The great ease, convenience, and safety offered by ViruShield GHOST are unmatchable. Clear communication, light and easy to wear outdoors, easy to clean, and even designed to be fork, food, and straw friendly!

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  • Lightweight, reusable, & recyclable
  • Compact & easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in the USA

In addition to customers’ safety, ViruShield is also working to help the badly impacted the American economy by manufacturing the shield in the country. The company believes in keeping jobs and manufacturing in the US itself, with its entire staff, including engineers, designers, and the digital team as well as factory workers based in the US.

Watch the Ghost Shield in action on YouTube:


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