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ReferZip – Lead Generation like Opcity but Better

High Tech Real Estate Referral Company

Real Estate Referral Company – Pay at Closing

Real Estate Referrals Programs are becoming all the hype. Agents can receive high quality Referrals and pay nothing up front, rather pay 35% at closing. This model is not new, Referral ExchangeAgent ProntoHomelight and others have been doing this for a decade.

ReferZip has been developing a new spin on Referral Programs for the past few years. They were poised to launch in 2020 but then COVID hit and they put their launch on pause and decided to develop more technology and features into their software.

So what does ReferZip offer that is so different?

ReferZip gives the Agent more control than any other Lead or Referral Company out there. For starters, Agents can choose if they want $0 Up Front and 35% at closing or $20 Up Front and 20% at Closing. The $20/20% Program has no contract, no up front costs and Agents are billed each time they receive a Referral that matches their preferences. They also offer a Pay-Per-Referral option

ReferZip’s Auto-Claim

The Agent has complete control with Auto-Claim. Not only are the Referral fees the lowest, but Agents can then choose the Exact Price Points they want to receive referrals in. You can draw on a map and pick the exact neighborhoods down to 100x Zoom and choose how many of each you want. You only pay for a lead if ReferZip generates one that matches your exact criteria.

Referral Perferences

ReferZip allows Agents to choose how many Buyer and Seller Leads they would claim each month. Buyers are $20 and Sellers are $40. on the Pay-Per-Lead program, there is a marketplace where Agents can claim Referrals one-by-one on a first-come – first-claim basis. Speed to lead matters on that tier and it’s $25/25%.

You might have also noticed, ReferZip guarantees closings. They evaluate closings based on a 3 and 6 month audit basis where if you have not converted a sale they will deliver Referrals until you do, or they refund your investment into the $20 referrals.

ReferZip limits how many Agents can join in each market, it’s Free but to remain on the program you must close at least 1 of their Referrals each year to stay on. Check out to learn more

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