Sen. Hawley: The radical left has become very anti-Democratic

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) during Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Washington, DC, U.S., February 22, 2021. Demetrius Freeman/Pool via REUTERS

UPDATED 6:52 PM PT – Monday, June 27, 2022

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley (Mo.) and his wife Erin warned that the Democrat party has been taken over by far left activists who are fighting against Democracy. During an interview on Monday, the Hawley’s called out the Biden administration for encouraging protesters to use violent means to express their frustration.

“It’s outrageous,” Hawley stated. “The Biden administration has really turned a blind eye towards this left-wing violence and have really encouraged it by saying it’s fine to protest at the justice’s homes even though it is illegal.”

DOJ needs to announce a zero tolerance policy for violence right now. They’ve left radical leftists run wild – threatening the Justices, burning pregnancy care centers. No more. Protests are constitutionally protected but violence is not. DOJ must put a stop to it immediately

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) June 24, 2022

They pointed out Antifa protesters were protesting outside their home while Erin was helping Mississippi lawyers in the Dobbs v. Jackson case. This as some left-wing activists called for the deaths of Republican appointed Supreme Court justices for overturning Roe v. Wade in their Dobbs decision.

“It really shows that the radical left has become very anti-Democratic,” he said. “What they don’t want is the people to have any say when it comes to laws protecting life and the regulation of abortion. They don’t want the people in the states or anywhere to be able to weigh in and that is what this decision does. It turns it back to the people. That is not what the left wants and it really shows.”

Sen. Hawley pointed out that the Biden administration officials have fanned the flames of these threats. In the meantime, Erin Hawley stressed the Dobbs ruling empowers women who can have babies in a world with better technology and financial resources to help them carry to term and beyond.

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