Colombian authorities seize $80M in cocaine

FILE – National Police Chief Gen. Rodolfo Palomino opens a package of seized cocaine to show to the press at a police station in Necocli, Colombia. (AP Photo)

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UPDATED 9:28 AM PT – Monday, September 13, 2021

Colombian authorities seized more than $80 million worth of cocaine being trafficked by sea.

A joint operation conducted by Colombia’s Army and Air Force arrested five people in a raid on a boat over the weekend near the Andres Islands in the Caribbean. The motorboat was reportedly transporting 2.4 tons of cocaine to Central America.

“This operation allowed us to stop 80 million U.S. dollars from reaching the Gulf Clan’s coffers, a drug-trafficking group that uses these resources to act against civilians,” announced Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano.

The drug seizure is the largest made by the Colombian military so far in 2021. Molano continued by noting the public force “has continued without respite, strengthening capacities for manual eradication” of the illicit drug trade.

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