Breathe Clean Mask – an N99 Fan Powered Air Purifier

Breathe Clean may have the best mask out there, and for many reasons. Traditional Masks have issues when it comes to particles and droplets. COVID-19 for example is spread by droplets – the virus bonds to liquid particles essentially. If you put you mask under a water faucet, you can quickly see how COVID-19 absorbs through the other side of the mask. Now, imagine if someone sneezed or COVID-19 fog slowly absorbed into your mask.

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The Breathe Clean Mask solves this, It has a hard exterior shell made of ABS plastic to protect liquids from coming in. Behind the ABS shield there is a 4 Stage N99 HEPA filter

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The Breathe Clean mask fits better with a Silicone molded piece that snugly cups your mouth and nose. This means that particles do not get in or out of your mask.

“The Breathe Clean mask is safer, more comfortable and provides unmatched airflow” – Dr. Erickson


The Breathe Clean Mask is High-Tech and Lightweight. It weighs about as much as an Egg. Aside from that, here are the key features the company highlights

2 Speed Fan

Whether you are walking or working out, the fan can be used at a low or high speed

Filters Air

Filter out harmful pollutants, bacteria, pathogenic cells and any other harmful particles

Blocks Contaminants

The design stops outside contaminants from coming in or out of the device


Powered by a Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

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Breathe Clean’s mask is ideal for

  • Flying or Traveling
  • Working Out or Gyms
  • Driving with Passengers
  • Employees with Laborious tasks
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Shopping

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