Flinch the Movie (2021) is Available on VHS if you’re missing the 90s

The last VHS player was manufactured in 2016, now they are nearly impossible to find new. However, websites like Etsy and Ebay are selling them for $200-1000+ because people recently decided they miss the Analog Vibe. The demand for VHS players and Movies seems to be a new trend

Although studios stopped releasing movies on VHS over fifteen years ago, brick and mortar second hand shops and online resellers are a commercial hub for these vintage relics of movies past. Coincidentally enough, within these last fifteen years, media and pop culture has seen a resurgence of retro aesthetics and trends from the 1980s which has contributed to this rebound attraction and interest in acquiring VHS tapes. Now, production companies who are taking to this trend are taking advantage, by releasing VHS tapes as merch and memorabilia. 

“With their new movie Flinch, Ardor Pictures has dedicated itself to honing into an authentic representation of the retro synthwave culture that is reminiscent of 1980s aesthetics and culture. “

From the many motifs that are essential to its retro style, Flinch adopts many, such as the neon lights and its iconic analog score by Miami Nights 1984, a synthwave legend. It would only be appropriate to watch the film in a completely immersive experience to achieve the utmost level of authenticity, and the best way to do that is to watch Flinch on VHS. 

Watching Flinch on VHS is a unique time warp experience. You can buy the film on VHS here to completely immerse yourself in the nostalgia of watching this contemporary take on synthwave media in Flinch.

Visit the Movie’s Website here: it is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, Microsoft and Google Play for $9.99

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