How The Trump Cult Started

👨‍🏫 Subject: The Trump Cult.

What is a Cult and How did Trump get Americans brainwashed? First, you have to recognize the signs of a Cult.

1. The leader is the ultimate authority

2. The group suppresses skepticism

3. The group delegitimizes former members

4. The group is paranoid about the outside world5. The group relies on shame cycles

6. The leader is above the law

7. The group uses “thought reform” methods

8. The group is elitist

9. There is no financial transparency

10. The group performs secret rites

But how did this Cult start:

  • Take an influential leader who speaks in Hyperbole, is a Salesman and uses NLP
  • Add an audience of people looking for answers, needing to belong to something, lacking purpose or frustrated with something
  • Bring them together and form a unified group, so they have something they belong to with Members they can relate to. A Club, a Group, a Secret Society etc. host Rallies and televise it

Lets just explore part one of the above

This Video Explains how NLP works. Read these articles after if you are still interested.



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